Welcome to VanillaEvolved!
This page contains all the information you should know about the server

IP: us.vanillaevolved.net
Seasonal & Noreset
The server has 2 different maps, Seasonal & Noreset. The only difference between them is when they reset, Seasonal (started Jan 6 2023) resets every 6 months and Noreset never resets.
Both maps have different worlds, stats, inventories & etc. No progress can be brought over from each other
Switch servers with /server seasonal or noreset

1. Treat others with at least a basic level of respect. This includes but is not limited to not repeatedly and frequently griefing the same player(s) and not targeting offensive language at other players.
2. Don't cheat. See our allowed mods & methods guideline below
3. Don't deliberately cause lag or downtime.
4. Don't advertise other Minecraft servers or anything else, no exceptions. 

Allowed mods & methods
Pretty much everything is allowed except hacked clients or mods whose only use is to gain unfair advantages.
Minimaps/freecams are allowed, but using them to find hidden structures is still considered cheating and bannable (xray glitches, pie ray/any other F3 methods too)
If you are unsure if something is allowed ask Wireproof
For sure allowed mods (above rule still applies):

Optifine/sodium/other performance mods
Autoreconnect (please avoid using if the server is full)
Nochatreports/noencryption or anything that disables chat reporting
Commands you should know
/nerfphantoms togglespawn ┃ Disable phantom spawning for yourself
/afk ┃ Allows you to stay afk infinitely unless there's 12 or more players online
/msg ┃ Send a private message to a specific player 
/gc ┃ Toggle between group and public chat
/checkadv ┃ Check which advancements you are missing
/checkbiomes ┃ Check which biomes you are missing for the adventuring time advancement
/refer ┃ Teleport a new player to your location. You need to be near your bed. New players can't be referred after 20 minutes of them joining
/pvptop ┃ See a list of players with the most player kills
Added features

Chat reports are disabled 

After 20 minutes of inactivity you will be placed in afk mode. If there's less than 7 players online you can afk infinitely. If there's 7 or more players all afk players will be kicked

You can disable phantom spawning for yourself with /nerfphantoms togglespawn

Sand, gravel & concrete powder duping is enabled 

No spawn protection, you can immediately break and place blocks (lava cannot be placed in the spawn area)

Only 50% of players need to sleep to make it daytime

Complete all advancements to earn an exclusive in-game prefix and Discord role

Advancement hunting? See which advancements/biomes/mobs you're missing with /checkadv, /checkbiomes, and /checkmobs

Craftable invisible item frames (lingering invis potion surrounded by 8 item frames)

Lava around a bed is automatically removed when a player respawns at it

Punch another player with the dragon egg to give them the "The Next Generation" advancement

Private messaging & group chats

Type /ignore to hide chat from a specific player

Type /refer to offer a new player a one-time teleport to your location.

See a list of the deadliest players with /pvptop
General info
Location ┃ US East coast
Max render distance ┃ 7
Simulation distance ┃ 10
Difficulty ┃ Hard
Seasonal world border ┃ 80000 from 0 0
Noreset world border ┃ 1 Million from 0 0
Server first started ┃ 08/21/2013

Master rank
You get a golden [M] prefix, access to the ingame chat channel on discord for completing every advancement and recognition in our hall of fame with all the other players who have done this